What students say about ESoM....

Feedback from students...

  • "ESoM has given me boldness, confidence and freedom that when I speak out God's words, they come from a place of power and love" - Suzie B.
  • "Outside of church I find myself more confident in who I am. God has gifted me with things that I now walk out more boldly and with more confidence" - Heather W.
  • You learn very practical things. ESoM is a great way to get yourself equipped and ready for the marketplace and to be a transformer in the middle of a lost world" - George K.
  • "I learned there's a depth of the Bible and spiritual truth that you can get to. ESoM brought me deeper into a truth that I can practice out in the world and in the marketplace" - Rick L.
  • "The classes help to build me up spiritually as well as mentally and physically to go out in the world and transform it" - Lori K.
  • "The classes have unclocked my heart and given me confidence to love people more" - Sylvia B.
  • "ESoM classes encourage me and help life me up in my understanding" - Donna B.
  • "ESoM classes help me grow into what God has called me to do" - Lori K.
February 28, 2017

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