Tithing Up

It should not embarrass us or anger us to talk about proper “giving”. Jesus talked more about giving and stewardship than any other topic. As a matter of fact, Jesus talked more about giving money than He did about the Kingdom of Heaven.
While tithing is not emphasized (or taught) in the New Testament, it was assumed. The early church were Jewish believers who practiced Jewish customs (Acts 2:5, 21:20).
In other words, the Jews tithed! They didn't need to be reminded!
  • Tithing is not totally legalistic. It predates the Law and was the practice of Judiasm before the Law. Tithing was a vow of Abraham and Jacob before the Law (Gen. 4:4; 14:20; 28:20-22).
  • Abraham tithed UP to the greater (King Melchizedek), out of already being blessed from winning a great war. That tithe WENT TO A PERSON!
  • The tithe was a measuring stick or a starting point. Remember that "TITHE is the Lord's" and it was called "holy" (Lev 27:30).
  • We know that obligatory tithing is an essential "part" of the Old Covenant Law; it provided the way for the priesthood to function. Clearly, the ordinance of tithing funded the Levitical priesthood. The Levitical priests did "tithe up" to the high priest.
However, we don't see Jesus extending the Levitical priesthood in the New Testament Church. He never appointed one single priest. The New Testament Church is not intended to be a Levitical system in any way. Therefore, the Levirate structure is not the intended way to run or to finance New Testament Church.
Jesus was a “type” of Melchizedek Priest and He gives that priesthood to us. Our giving comes from a different perspective. It is not legalistic.

Ask Holy Spirit what You Should Give. Is This as Good as it Sounds??

Oddly enough, people who choose this option of being "free from the Law" and “personally led" in their giving, often tight-fistedly stop real giving! They say they are "not under the Law" and use this as an excuse as to why they don't/won't give to church ministry. Those who choose this option, to take their money and give it away as they see fit -- (or keep it to themselves) often leave much damage and sorrow to themselves and the Kingdom.
Usually, if you really do hear from Holy Spirit and ask what to give, that number will be far more than 10%.
Now, our first giving should be above the Law -- and to the PERSON who is your Melchizedek Priest - the one who loves you, personally pours out to you, and has answers for you! This Person is Jesus Christ (Hebrews chapter 7).
Of course, as we give “to Jesus”, we are also by extension giving to our church to sustain vision and expenses.
What “being free from the Law” should mean is that the TITHE IS THE LEAST WE CAN DO. Yes... it means you and I should now joyously give MORE -- because we are free! We understand the eternal concept of seed time and harvest.
I believe that we do great disservice when limiting our giving to a 10% "tithe". Do I believe in tithing? Yes. It is the beginning of giving when we first become christians. The Law was the School Master (teacher), to train us in what is right.
But, New Testament giving should not be out of "legalism" or "obligation". Nor should our giving be because of promised reward, or given out of fear of Divine punishment.
Also, tithing no longer "opens the windows of heaven”. Those windows are now open through Jesus and will never shut again.
You should not be "tithing" to yourself. There is no flow in that. You stop up the momentum of giving right there! There is a better way than that.
Sure, you can give into another ministry, or to a great need -- all of us do that! But beyond the Law is the “Melchizedek way” of giving -- which is (and was) to another person. Again, today, that Person is Jesus Christ.
A limited mindset can actually stunt our spiritual growth. The Law was satisfied in Christ and we don't need a School Master (teacher) now, when we are grown up. Together, we can financially help build the Kingdom.
God’s continued blessings be upon you, and all you do.
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