Apostolic Centers Conference

Online Think Tank
June 19-20

Over the past few months there's been A MAJOR RESET in virtually every sphere or space of society. God's fingerprint is in the details and the best is yet to come!

We have never lived in such a historical period as we do now. Amid all the crises the nations are facing, God is raising up APOSTOLIC CENTERS to be heaven's headquarters on earth. We have the mandate and opportunity to train, mature, and send out a global movement of saints for kingdom harvest and territorial transformation.

On June 19 and 20, two panels of international leaders will gather to help us understand God's strategy for using Apostolic Centers to advance the kingdom.

Friday, June 19 Panel Discussion: 8-10pm EST
  • Host: Alain Caron (CAN)
  • Chuck Pierce (USA)
  • Robert Heidler (USA)
  • Daniel & Amber Pierce (ISR)
  • Paul Gitwaza (RWA)
  • Andrew Chang (TWN)
  • Chen Kuang-Tao (TWN)
  • Peter J. Sher (TWN)
  • Doug Schneider (CAN)

Saturday, June 20 Panel Discussion: 9-11am EST
  • Host: Alain Caron (CAN)
  • Chuck Pierce (USA)
  • Trevor Baker (UK)
  • Dick & Arleen Westerhof (NLD)
  • Francis Mbadinga (GAB)
  • Vincent Anigbogu (NGA)
  • Bruce Friesen (CAD)
  • Roman Dombrauskas (RIS)
  • Derek Schneider (CAD)
  • Andrew Chang (TWN)
  • Peter J. Sher (TWN)

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