Kingdom Kids Update

Hello Kingdom Kids & Parents!!

As I write this note to you, I look out my window and see CHANGE! The leaves are painting our world bright yellow, orange and red. It's BEAUTIFUL! Not only are the leaves changing colour but when a season changes, there also needs to be a change in the clothes we wear and the activities we do. We say goodbye to our swimming pools and flip flops and hello to our warm boots and sweaters. Different seasons change things up and the goal is to find and enjoy the great things about each season. (Like hot chocolate and marshmallows, for one.)

We have been experiencing A LOT of changes lately, haven't we! Masks, isolating, social distancing, small classes, learning from home... It's all so different! But, the goal is to find and enjoy the great things about this season. I believe there is something VERY SPECIAL about this time. It's like GOD is setting this time aside for us because HE wants to DO and SAY different things in this season.

MY name is LISA SANCHEZ and I am going to be listening to God for the special things He wants to say and do at this time in Embassy's Kingdom Kids. We used to do KIDS CHURCH all in one room together and the focus was on the whole group and growing together. That was awesome and Pastors Justine and Lindsay did such an amazing job. However, in this season, I believe God is taking His camera and ZOOMING IN ON YOU!!

Here are some things to look for in this season:
  1. ZOOM (or SKYPE) calls: How are YOU? How is YOUR heart? What are YOU feeling? In the weeks to come, we will open up times to connect with YOU personally through SKYPE or ZOOM. If you just aren't feeling happy or encouraged or strong, you can let me know and I will arrange a time together with you. I want to be here for you. (That goes for you parents as well.)
  2. I will work with a team to provide activity sheets you can work on during the Sunday morning service and we might even find a way to give out prizes each week.
  3. We are looking into things we can provide for you and your parents, that will help you grow in the Lord and stay strong and encouraged. If you have suggestions, please feel free to email me! 
  4. We are building a special KINGDOM KIDS ONLINE HUB for you and your parents! You will find videos, Bible lessons, updates, ways to connect with us and much more! (Feel free to share this with your friends!!) 
  5. If you have not seen the Kingdom Kids YOUTUBE videos Pastors Justine and Lyndsay posted for you, we want to encourage you to get online and watch them. They are AWESOME!! Each video is about 20 minutes and will be a great thing to do on your own, or with your family. You will find a link to them at the Kingdom Kids Online Hub.

I trust God because HE is always faithful. He loves you and has a GOOD plan and a good purpose for you and your family in this time. Expect it! We want you to know that EMBASSY cares about each of you.

You are important to us and we are here for you!!

Sending you love!
Lisa Sanchez
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