Embassy SOS

These are very unusual and challenging times for all of us. You may be feeling vulnerable, fragile or hurting right now. Our motto at The Embassy Church is Transforming People & Society. Part of transformation is CARING for you, and your family.

We call it Embassy SOS - a clear pathway for help and wholeness, because you are part of our church family.

  1. Stay connected to our Sunday Celebration services via Live Stream, or attend in person.
    • Also know we have a strong care and prayer ministry team here at The Embassy who are praying for you. The Lord always answers prayer!!
      • Call the church office and leave a message with your Prayer Request: 905.433.2964
  2. Take the time to invest in our 4-Track online training courses. There's no cost and you will be strengthened.
  3. Advanced courses are added to each of the 4-Tracks and for a minimal cost, you can receive specific attention.
  4. Psychotherapists are part of our Embassy Ministry. This is a paid service.
  5. In the event of more serious situations, we also refer to LifeCare Centres in Pickering. 
    • A professional Psychologist leads a counselling team.
      • Phone: 905.231.2273
  6. If you're needing critical care, don't hesitate to call and go to a crisis unit at your local hospital.
  7. Durham Mental Health Services
    • Phone: 905.666.0483
      • You can call 24-7 and talk to someone who cares.
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