The Embassy holds a variety of events throughout the year designed to draw people together and enrich the lives of people in our community. Some events are specifically for training while others offer the gospel through dynamic drama and live music. Watch the main page for events that are coming soon!

Below you'll find a variety of events that will enrich and envision you!

Easter Passover Celebration
Held during Easter weekend, our Easter Passover Celebration is a mix of drama and live music designed to highlight the finished work of Jesus.  Not only will you discover what Jesus' sacrifice thousands of years ago, but how relevant the living Jesus is today!

Canada Day Celebration
Each year on the Sunday before Canada Day, we celebrate our nation with the understanding that it is God who gives us the freedom to live in such a great country!  Games, food, prizes, a live variety show and a night capped off with an impressive fireworks show all bring our community together to celebrate God's goodness to us!

Christmas Drama
We have some very talened actors, musicians and set designers who work hard to create a Christmas presentation each year that brings the message of Christmas to the forefront.  These presentations draw thousands and enourage even more than that with a message of hope, peace and love. 

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