Next Make Embassy Your Home Sessions start on Sunday, March 3rd.

Leader: Pastor Denise Munroe
Held at The Embassy, North East Conference Room 

Next Session: Three Sunday morning sessions starting Sunday, March 3rd.
Time: Approximately 10:30am

Whether you've been around for a while - or - are new to The Embassy Church and thinking of how you can belong, this is your opportunity to do so. Make Embassy Your Home (MEYH) provides you with a clear understanding of who we are as a church. During this course we will discuss our vision, core values and our history. You will also discover how you can be part of who we are! Looking forward to seeing you there! 

At approximately 10:30am, a slide will appear on the screen during worship reminding you that it is time to leave the service for the Make Embassy Your Home class. At that time, please make your way to the North East Conference Room.


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