The Path of Freedom

The path of Freedom seems narrow at the onset, but once you’ve found the way, the horizon is wider than ever.

The way of Wisdom is a path of Freedom. Freedom is much more than being able do as we please or go where we want. True liberty is being able to live as God intended. True liberty means that you are enabled to enjoy Heaven’s blessing, favour, protection, peace, guidance, care, promises, future and much more!

Main Points

  • What is "Biblical" freedom?
  • Why do we need freedom?
  • How do we find the Path of Freedom?

Small Group Bible Study Notes - PDF

"True freedom is walking freely, and flourishing daily, within the safe environment God has provided us through Jesus Christ".


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SERIES: The Way of Wisdom
October 1, 2017 | Léon van Weerden
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SERIES: The Way of Wisdom
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