WHAT To give

We have three main giving expressions ...


Tithing is your starting point. Your first fruits which you return to your place of worship. A powerful expression of worship, faith and honour. It is a recognition of God as the owner of all and the main source of every blessing.

Offering (Designated) 

Next are your offerings. This is what you give over and above your tithes. This is designated giving for a specific purpose. We have three main areas:

Embassy Ministries

Family Life | Life Groups | Age Groups (Kids, Students, Young Adults, The Bridge (40+) Sonseekers (60+)) | Creative Collective | Evangelism | Special Events

Embassy Missions

Sponsor our local and international partners and missionaries


Special projects or other designations, not specified elsewhere


This is giving directly to our Alms-fund aimed at practically supporting those in need as directed by our Family Life department.

WAYS To give

We have three main giving avenues ...



Cash, Cheque or Credit Card
  • During Every Sunday Service
  • Drop Off every Friday from 9 AM - 2 PM at the church office.
  • Mail: Send cheques to The Embassy Church (preferably no cash):
    The Embassy Church, 416 Taunton Road W. Oshawa, ON L1L 0N8 

Bill Pay

Available via your online banking system by using your unique tithing number. Request your tithing number via

Thank you for giving faithfully and generously!