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If you are interested in connecting with friends and growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ, Embassy Life Groups are your place to be!

These “free market” groups (fresh topics & creative ideas) are specifically designed for active and busy people ... people on the go, but looking for something more. You don’t need a long term commitment but you will develop lasting relationships. Whether single or married, these groups will inspire you, grow you and fill you with more of the Lord.

An Embassy Life Group is a safe place where you can talk about life with others, grow in your relationship with God, and be a blessing to others.

Each group reflects the core values of The Embassy and will help you grow into a true disciple of Christ.
Life Groups will help you to...
  1. Develop caring and supportive friendships
  2. Receive strength and encouragement
  3. Focus on impacting our region through prayer and acts of kindness
  4. Celebrate your faith with confidence and joy
Empowering You to Grow & Serve!